Anali & Jesse | Del Rio Vista Garden in Escalon, California

Anali & Jesse contacted me 5 weeks before their wedding on May 4th, YES FIVE WEEKS! Their original photographer had a family emergency, but Anali had actually booked her Day-After session with me as well, so we were familiar with each other. Well, she contacted me and thankfully I was able to move around a couple of sessions to shoot her wedding, which I was SO happy about because I genuinely wanted them to have amazing professional photographs to look back on, I want everyone to look back at their wedding images in delight, to relive the day of, so I really wanted to make sure I was able to shoot their wedding day just for that reason.

Jesse and Anali started off their special day by holding a ceremony at Saint Stanislaus Church in Modesto. Fun fact: My parents got married there too, years ago!

After the ceremony we headed to Del Rio Vista Garden in Escalon. This venue is straight out of a fairy tale! If you’re looking for a garden venue with a dreamy vibe, seriously go check it out now! The rest of the day was full of love, fun, drinks, dancing and laughter, just like a wedding should be!


Photographer: Priscilla Banuelos Photography

Dress: Lauren Elanie

Venue: Del Rio Vista Garden

Makeup: Jocelyn McKay

Dessert table: Nadia Kandy

Priscilla Banuelos