Hannah and Curry's San Francisco City Hall Elopement

It’s not everyone’s dream to get married in a city hall, I mean let’s be real… When you hear the words city hall I feel like all you can envision is that 4th floor from Parks and Rec where the lighting is strangely yellow, grey, and green all at the same time… You all remember that episode. I’m laughing to myself just thinking about it.

But, when a city hall is as gorgeous as San Francisco’s City Hall, you’ll be dreaming about getting married there. It’s seriously the stuff of fairy tales! Sure we don’t have mysterious castles like England, but the City Hall in San Fran is hands down the closest you will come to to feeling like royalty here in the United States. Everything about the City Hall makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in history, from the gorgeous white marble lining every inch of the building, to the hustle and bustle of people going about their business. It provides a wonderful sense of anonymity.

Hannah and Curry decided to elope, and posted in a group on Facebook called ‘Looks Like Film’ inquiring about photographers. I never thought I would be the lucky person picked to photograph this beautiful couple, much less an elopement at San Francisco’s City Hall. I tossed my hat into the ring in case they stumbled upon my name in the hundreds of comments and was SO delighted when they reached out to me!

They flew in from Kentucky, all the way to San Francisco, California for their elopement and we had such an incredible time together. We spent the entire day hanging out, and documenting their adventures, and finished everything off with a trip to a nearby beach for a portrait session. It was absolutely magical.

If you’re looking for a photographer in the California area… Or if you need someone experienced with San Francisco City Hall Weddings or Elopements, I’m your gal! So go ahead and reach out to me, I would love to work with you! (And if all Kentucky people are as lovely as Hannah and Curry… I would totally be down for coming to the Bluegrass State to photograph your wedding day as well!