Please fill out this application to apply to become a second shooter. Hourly pay rate is based on experiance and gear. If chosen you will contactd directly by Priscilla Banuelos. 


I’m so honored that you are here and interested in learning from me! I have a huge passion for teaching and sharing everything I have learned in the years from being in the business. Photography is more than just a “click”, It’s a form of art that many find difficulty in learning, it’s learning how to run a business, managing workflow, clients, social media, post production, ect. And I’m here to help you invest in your business!


I’ve always had a strong passion for photography. I was gifted my first camera at age 10 and my passion grew stronger day by day. By the age 15 I was doing paid shoots, by 17 years old I was doing weddings, YES, WEDDINGS AT 17 YEARS OLD. I’m so thankful for this gifted talent everyday and even more thankful for my students, there is no bigger compliment than another talented photographer wanting to learn from you.



A one-on-one workshop tailored to you and your business. Includes 3 hours of:

+ Shooting. A mini shoot where we focus on our models, how to get clients comfortable in front of the camera, posing, lighting, etc.

+ I’ll snap a few photos of you so you can experience being on the other side & you’ll have some cute photos to take home!

+Post processing, covering workflow, editing, how to find your style, etc.

+Business. Anything you’d like to know from getting your dream clients, how to market yourself, how to grow your clientele, taxes, website, you name it!

Session 2 (1 hours & a half) | $350

A lunch meet up and/or Skype mentorship covering:

+ Websites

+ Softwares

+ Booking your ideal clients

+ Finding your style

+ Q&A

+ Marketing

+ Social Media

+ Pricing

+ Editing

+ Contracts


How To Book: 50% down payment, other half is due 1 week before workshop.

Session will take place within a 50 mile radius of Hanford or Turlock, California.

*quote is valid for 30 days.